Tao ZhanչΣ

Curriculum Vitae

Family name and given name

Family name: Zhan; given name: Tao



School of Mathematics
Shandong University
Jinan, Shandong 250100
P. R. China
Email: zhantao(at)sdu.edu.cn



Ph.D.: Shandong University, 1987
M.S.:   Shandong University, 1985
B.S.:   Shandong University, 1983


Professional Positions

2008- 2011:   Professor, Jilin University
Feb-July 1996:  Research Fellow, The University of Hong Kong,
                         supported by the Croucher Foundation
1991-1992:       Research Fellow, University of Freiburg, Germany,
                         supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
1991-present:   Professor, Shandong University
1989-1991:       Associate Professor, Shandong University

Special Functions

Member of Editorial Board of Acta Mathematica Sinica
2008- 2011:                 President, Jilin University;
2000-2008:                 Chairman, Shandong Mathematical Society
2000-2007:                 Standing syndic, Chinese Mathematical Society
Jul. 2000-Nov. 2008:   President, Shandong University;
Mar. 1995-Jun. 2000:  Vice-president, Shandong University
Apr. 1993-Feb. 1995:  Vice-dean, School of Mathematics, Shandong University

Research Interests

Additive theory of prime numbers
Exponential sums over prime variables
Bombieri-Vinogradov type mean value theoreoms
Riemann Zeta function and Dirichlet L-functions



2006-2008: Key project "the arithmetic and geometry of automorphic forms", by                    the National Natural Science Foundation
2005-2007: Major grant program for sciences and technology, by the Ministry of                    Education


Overseas Research Experience

1991-1992: Institute of Mathematics, University of Freiburg in Germany
                   Research Fellow supported by the Alexander von Humboldt                    Foundation in Germany.
Feb-July 1996: Department of Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong                         Research Fellow supported by the Croucher Foundation in                         Hong Kong.



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Invited Talks

[9].The Goldbach-Vinogradov Theorem with Restrictions on Prime Variables, 101      Years of Prime Number Theorem, Ulm, Germany 1997.

[8].On Sum of Prime Squares, International Conference in Number Theory in       Honor of Professor Andrej Schinzel, Zakopane, Poland 1997.

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